Climbing the Red Rocks in Las Vegas

It's May of 2001 and we've planned this trip for months. Last time we were in Vegas was November 2000 and we didn't get much climbing done... Such excitment.. such anticipation.. no work for 1 whole week!

Last time I drove through Utah, it was winter. Coming from Colorado, seeing snowy landscape wasn't very exciting. So this time, I had much anticipation of the scenery I've always seen in books and magazines.... I wasn't disappointed.

Our first day of climb was at the Calico Basin area. We headed to the Moderate Mecca wall and boy was it ever sunny!!! We climbed while Anna ate our lunch all by herself. It was soooo sunny, I probably got sunburned on the way to the wall... on the other hand, the view from the wall was just stunning. I guess I should've noted the names of the routes we climbed. 5.6 and 5.7

Now, the second climbing day was exciting for me 'cause it's a 6 pitch climb.. The guidebook we used said 15 minute approach.. yeah right! I don't know how long it took us to get to the base of the climb but it wasn't an easy approach I tell ya. Probably took us a good hour or more. James and I went up Group Therapy. James was nice enough to lead all the pitches since I'm such a gimp.

After we got to the top, we were treated to another spectacular view of the Red Rocks National Park.

After a very long descent, we got worried when it got dark and the other party didn't return. All turned out okay when the lost party managed to finish their descent in the dark thanks to the full moon.

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