Leonid Meteor Storm Nov 18, 2001

Pictures caught on my Canon G2 digital camera at the top of Loveland Pass in Colorado. We were sitting (actually, lying down bundled up in our sleeping bags) at approximately 12,015 feet elevation.
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I took a total of 158 shots. 40 of them were shot in ISO 50 and the rest in ISO 200 setting. All the shots were taken for 15 seconds at F2.0 at 7mm focal length (35mm equivalent: 34mm) and manual focus of infinity or auto focus.
Given that 43 of 158 shots registered at least one meteor shows how active this storm was and believe me... I wish I could tell you how many meteors we didn't catch on camera...

At first, I made the mistake of trying to take the evening sky shots with ISO 50 setting. Bad idea considering Canon G2 only allows 15 seconds exposure. But thanks to Photoshop, I can show you something at least.

Before After

1143x1515 35KB

1143x1515 291KB

675x507 12KB

675x507 80KB

448x561 10KB

448x561 58KB

Following shots were taken at ISO 200 setting.

Trail left by a meteor.

Meteor trail is still visible.

Double meteors.

Untouched and enhanced versions

Probably my favorite shot.

Streaking across Orion.

Caught one going over the mountain.

Another fav of mine.

Another double streaks.

Trying to escape my frame.

Three at a time now.

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