About Young & Marelyne

So you've gathered that our names are Young and Marelyne. And that we've been married for and we are both Mathies.

We met on a sunny day at a romantic cafe in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.... oh wait.. that's not it...

We did meet when we were attending the University of Waterloo at a wine & cheese party of our on-campus residences. It was love at first sight. [Y] no.. really it was! I told a friend of mine, who happened to be standing next to me when we first saw Marelyne, that I will marry that girl. [M] yeah right. That was winter of '93.

After school, we tried Real Life in Toronto for a bit and then decided to move to Colorado Springs, Colorado, in '97. Young didn't like the "small hick town" so we moved to Denver in '98 and that's where we are now. Oh yeah, in the middle of all that, we got married.

That's the short version of our lives. But if you want to know more, use the links on the left. Thanks for coming by!

Young & Marelyne

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