2003 Chung Family Newsletter

2003 marked a demanding year for the Chung family. But overall we're very thankful for all the experiences we had!

January was quite uneventful. February was a little more exciting. Marelyne almost didn't pull off the surprise b-day party for Young. Later in the month, Hannah celebrated her 1st birthday! We were fortunate to have family and friends visiting us from Canada - John, Ryan, and Uncle JJ.

The next few months were hectic. We were preparing for the arrival of our newest family member - Saera Mackenzie! She made her debut on May 2nd, Marelyne's last day at work. Needless to say, Marelyne didn't really get to do much work that day… On the contrary, she did labor for 6.5 hours! Grandma and grandpa Chung came to spend some time with the girls shortly after Saera's birth. They had a blast… Hannah kept them on their toes!

In June, we were blessed with visiting family and friends as we celebrated Saera's baptism. Tess, Sascha, Eileen, Jouky, and John graced us with their presence. We all enjoyed a little b-b-q with our local (CO) friends too.

Marelyne spent the rest of the summer at home bonding with Saera and before we knew it, August came and Marelyne was back at work. Saera started daycare and mom was having separation anxiety. We celebrated Saera's Baeg-il (100 days). We had a nice little party with our friends.

Labor day weekend came and went and so did Young's contract at IBM. Budget cuts affecting so many people we know. Needless to say, Young will be spending a little more time with the girls and playing househusband. Marelyne says she can definitely get used to having dinner ready every day when she gets home from work. Young will definitely be taking advantage of this time off to get in some extra snowboarding! He was on the slopes as soon as it opened in early November! John was mighty jealous…

It was a bitter cold Halloween. Not that it stopped Hannah from trick or treating. She put on her lion costume and off she went, door-to-door and eating candy. Let's just say she was up for a good while that night.

Well, we had initially planned on being in Toronto for the holidays this year, but due to certain situations beyond our control, we'll have to reschedule for another time. I'm sure we'll see you sometime next year.

Best wishes to you and your families this holiday season. Stay healthy and be happy. Life is a wonderful thing and we should be grateful for each and day… be it a good one or not. Let's learn from your experiences and always look at the positive aspect of things. Keep in touch. God bless!

Young, Marelyne, Hannah, and Saera Chung
Sandy & Scooter too!