2002 Chung Family Newsletter

This year presented itself to be quite challenging and yet rewarding at the same time for the Chung Family.

In January, Marelyne had a rough time with her pregnancy and was put on bed rest until baby was born. It made it really tough for Young to play househusband and have a full time job at the same time, but he made it with flying colors.

February was the magical month! Our little miracle was born – Hannah Cassidy, on Feb 20. Although she was 3 weeks early, she was a healthy little girl. Then trouble struck when she had to stay in the hospital for her jaundice. It was a traumatizing experience for the whole family, but after all that, she recovered and is doing great. Check out her website (http://www.hannahcassidy.net) for details on her activities.

May was a very busy month. Young had out of town businesses he had to attend to and loads of work to do. We celebrated Hannah’s Baeg-il (100 day celebration). Marelyne had to return to her project management job. And, we had a live-in nanny start working for us. It was quite overwhelming!

The rest of the summer was calm and warm. Jouky, Eileen and John came to pay us a visit or should I say, pay Hannah a visit. In July, we had Hannah’s baptism. Our Brunetti family came to visit us along with Maritess and Sascha. It was nice to have some family around again.

August was a bit stressful in that our nanny had to go back to school, leaving us to decide what to do for childcare. We ended up selecting a wonderful daycare facility that Hannah enjoys very much, after much searching and deliberation.

Labor day weekend, Young decided to go rock climbing with David and, David’s son, Ryan. He came home limping and ended up in the hospital emergency room. No broken bones, but a badly sprained ankle, which is even worse! It was reason enough for him to be on crutches for weeks and have to undergo physical therapy. Did I mention that this all happened the day before Young was to start his new job in Boulder, CO? Imagine how that must have appeared to his new employer…

September wasn’t all that tragic, as we learned about a wonderful surprise. Yep, we’re expecting baby #2. We’re thrilled since our doctors told us that it would be almost impossible to have more children after Hannah! I think Hannah will definitely enjoy the company of a little baby around the house. One thing is for sure, come this time next year we’ll certainly have our hands full.

Did we mention that we moved? Yep, we thought it best to get a place that’s a bit roomier so that Hannah and the new baby can have plenty of play area indoors and out. We moved to our new home in late November. Needless to say, we’re still not completely unpacked and our garage is housing several boxes yet to be identified and organized.

And, as we speak, Hannah is being spoiled rotten by Grandma and Grandpa Chung. Oh how will we ever undo the damage?

That’s all for now. Keep in touch and best wishes to you and your families during this holiday season.

Young, Marelyne and Hannah Chung
Sandy & Scooter too!